Locating The Best Scented Candles

We have created one place to accommodate you in finding the best scented candles for your home. When you’re looking for candles and scents to go with those candles we have found it very tedious to search multiple places to find one particular item. The need for searching is over. Here is a guide and a place that you can get what you are looking for with one visit.

We have multiple types of scented candles listed in our comparison guide. Some of the types provided here range from Jar Candles, Tea Lights, and Wax Melts to Votive Candles, Pillars, and Taper Candles. We also provide a large variety of scents that range from Fruit, Dessert, and Floral scents to Nature and Household scents. There are many different manufacturers of candles and most make candles that have different scents available for your smelling pleasure. Here we have provided a sample from our guide of some of the scented candles, manufacturers, and their share of types and scents. Some of the brands we’ve included in our guide are Yankee Candle, Goose Creek Candles, Root Candles, Bath and Body Works (formerly Slatkin and Co.), and Scentsy Candles which are all here for your viewing pleasure.

Our Candle Guide is listed here at the top and near the bottom of this page and includes all of the candles you see here and many more to choose from.

Yankee Candle – Juicy Peach Large Jar Candle

Yankee Candle Juicy Peach The Yankee Juicy Peach Candle is a large jar candle that has scents that seem to be straight from the peach itself. The jar candle is Yankee Candle’s original type of candle and has been with them since their beginnings. As a company that’s been founded on the ideal of creating a candle that will make you feel like you are smelling the fruit itself, Yankee Candle is one of the best known scented candle companies in their field. Not only does this candle company make fruit scents but they have a variety of scents for every occasion and liking. When you are looking for a specific candle, you do not have to look far as they create most of the scents you can think of and some you would not. Yankee Candle prides themselves on creating products that are not only the best of their kind but they also create them for the whole family.

 Goose Creek Candles – Morning Fog Solid Pillar Candle

Goose Creek Morning FogThe Goose Creek Morning Fog Solid Pillar Candle is one of a kind when it comes to scents that can only be found in nature. Being a solid pillar candle it can burn for hours while still giving you the refreshing scent of morning fog and turning your indoor spaces into the great outdoors. This candle is great for setting the mood to that precise moment in time and creating the exact scent you remember during this experience. Goose Creek Candles make their candles right here in the United States and knows exactly what the scents they provide should resemble because they live right where their scents originated. With a self built business and company you can rest assured you are getting a candle that is made to last and enjoy as if it were for being made for themselves. Goose Creek Candles make some of the best quality scented candles apart from pillars in some of our other categories.

 Root Candles- Pride, Joy, and Rose Tealight Candle

Root Pride, Joy, RoseRoot Candles Pride, Joy and Rose Tealight Candles are those that are made with a mix of beeswax for a longer burning, more enjoyable experience. Smelling just like the real Coral Rose this candle not only burns longer but will give you the feeling of being in a garden filled with these roses. These tealights are second to none when comparing them with others and will not disappoint when it comes to fragrance. Root Candles are another great brand of American made candles and they have been making quality candles since 1869. With a history going back this far they know what they’re doing when it comes to making a perfectly blended scented candle. Not only do they make tealights but they are very well endowed in the general candle arena as well. Look for Roots Candles in some of our other categories as they offer quite a variety. You will not be disappointed in these candles.

Root Candles – Chocolateness Votive Candle

Root Votive ChocolatenessAs with Root’s tealight candles they have not missed a beat in the creation of this dessert flavored candle. The Chocolateness Votive by Root will fulfill your desires on any occasion with their rich chocolaty flavored scent. These scented candles are designed to burn for up to 20 hours of nonstop enjoyment and will leave you wanting more. This candle is made with the same quality all Root candles have always been made with and it is not lacking in any specific area. This votive is as enchanting as chocolate itself and leaves the mind in awe.

Bath and Body Works – Seaside Escape

Slatkin & co bath and body works seaside escape Bath and Body Works makes an amazing brand of candles both for their quality and for their scents. Not only does this brand of candle burn for hours without reducing quality, the original smelling scents fill any room with the luscious aroma of a seaside escape. When theses candles are not burning they still throw off the aroma of the candle and can be picked up on throughout the room. Bath and Body Works goes above and beyond to create the most delicious scents for their candles found on the market and by far the most unique. Primarily in the dessert department these candles feature some of the most popular desserts known today. They have also created scents themed for outdoor type environments to give your house either that fresh dessert smell or the aroma of the great outdoors.

Scentsy Candles – Blueberry Cheesecake Bar

Scentsy Blueberry cheesecakeScentsy Candles are a thing of beauty. This type of candle is not your traditional candle by any means but that also does not mean they lack anything a traditional candle provides. Scentsy Candles have created a brand of their own with their version of the scented wax melt bar. These candles are typically used in candle warmers that will melt this fine wax and create a scent unique to their brand. It can be said this is not only one of the best wax melts you will find out there, but they truly speak for themselves anywhere they are used. With humble beginnings Scentsy Candles company has definitely created a product here that everyone can enjoy and they are equal in scent and style to that of your traditional candle. With scents that really are like their titles these bars give you everything you are looking for in a candle without actually giving you a wicked candle.

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Trimming your wicks

Wick TrimmerAnother very important and sometimes forgotten part of candle use is trimming the wick of the candle. Why would you trim the wick of a candle you might ask? Trimming the wick of a candle is important because it will allow your candle to last much longer and give you the freshest scent you can have as if it is the first time you are lighting your candle.

If left untrimmed a wick will allow a much larger flame. This flame will then burn away the wax at a much faster rate. The wax of a scented candle is where the great scent of that candle comes from. With a large flame burning away the wax you are also burning away the scent of the candle you have invested your money into.

While trimming the wick may seem like an inconvenience it is actually keeping your hard earned money in your pocket. Doing this allows a small flame to burn a fresher part of the wick which then will burn the wax of the candle away much slower. This also allows the scent of the candle to be maximized thus creating the aroma you have purchased the candle for in your home while giving you a much longer burning time.

Trimming the wick of a candle can be done with a wick trimmer made for this purpose or a pair of older scissors as there will be carbon residue left on the scissor after trimming. One of the benefits of using a wick trimmer are they allow measuring of the proper size to trim a wick to avoid cutting it too short or too long. Keep your candles longer and smelling fresher by trimming your wicks.

Candle Burning Length

Burning CandleWhen you light a candle it’s typically to gain the aroma of the scent flowing in throughout your home or to enjoy it’s decor. It can be a common mistake to light a candle then after 5 minutes or so to put the candle out. Doing so can ruin a great candle. When burning candles you will want to make sure you will have enough time to allow it a proper burn. If you are consistently lighting and putting out a candle without giving it enough time to burn this can cause the wick to recess into the wax. Eventually you will no longer be able to reach the wick to re-light the candle and if it’s a new candle this can be a waste not only of your candle but your money.

A great rule of thumb when it comes to determining the amount of time that’s best for burning a candle is to let the wax melt to the edges of the candle. Generally this method is best used on Jar candles or Tumblers. Otherwise you will find the wax of other types of candles pouring over the sides and creating a mess. In other candle types a good way to measure the amount of time is by taking note of its width. Then you can use the inches of the width as a by hour guide. For example a candle that is 8 inches wide is best burned for 6-8 hours. Smaller types of candles are typically not gauged. This is because they are small and by the time a wick recedes into the wax the candle is completely used.

To save your candles remember to allow some time to burn them. Not only will this save your candles from being ruined it will also give you the most out of them and allow you to truly enjoy them.

A Rich History In Candles

Candles have been around as far back as one can remember. If you are reading this try to think back to a time when you can remember never having seen or heard of a candle. Alright so maybe there was a time in your life when you were not aware candles existed however, since learning about them can you think of a period when the came into existence?

If you have been thinking back in time and cannot remember that period it’s possibly because candles have been around since 221-206 BC. At least from what we have discovered thus far this information is true. The earliest candles discovered were created out of the fat of a whale and boiled cinnamon wax. These candles were made in India and china and were primarily used in temples and sacred places. In fact most of the candles of this time were created using natural items such as insects, animals, and plants to form their wax. Even a fish called the “candlefish” was used as a candle by lighting the oils of this fish on fire to create this candle.

Beeswax Candle

Tallow Candle

Eventually beeswax (which comes from the hive of bees) and tallow (which is that of mutton or beef fat) were the primary forms of wax used to create candles up until somewhere in the 1850’s. This time period is where paraffin wax (wax that is derived from petroleum) became available in mass quantities. Paraffin wax was actually created and introduced during the process of distilling coal. This was the most common wax used in most candles made up until the present day.

Candles were primarily used as a light source and a way to keep flame during times when matches or methods of creating fire were not so readily available as they are today. Candles have come a long way since their birth and are now used primarily as a decoration in most households or a way to create a nice scent in a persons home. Who would have thought most homes today would still have such a rich piece of history in them that is widely used, manufactured, and purchased throughout the world.

Today there have been many forms of waxes created and used in the candles we know today and the wicks still tend to be from the same braided material used so long ago. This history has given birth to the best scented candles you know and love today and still find a use for in your home. Maintain this rich history and keep it in your home no matter what it is used for.